Dar Al Arkan Online is an integrated digital real estate brokerage firm specialised in buying and selling properties in Saudi Arabia and internationally. Designed with our customers’ needs at the forefront of its advanced technology, Dar Al Arkan Online allows buyers to visit properties and close transactions virtually. Through the portal, buyers receive assistance through every stage of purchase to make the online purchase process smooth and transparent.

Dar Al Arkan Online is founded on the experience and expertise of the Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company, a Riyadh-based real estate firm responsible for many of the region’s most prominent real estate projects since 1994.

  • Digital technology that allows purchasers to visit properties and finalise all transactions.
  • Online solutions for the real estate and rental markets inside and outside Saudi Arabia.
  • Clear, transparent and accurate information of listed properties.
  • Easy access to property specialists.
  • Several mortgage provider options for home finance.

Our expert property professionals are highly trained to keep up with the latest property market offerings both locally and internationally. Our sales team also offer round-the-clock commitment and support to customers through every stage.